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Award winning magazine cover

Two dozen brown eggs, a dozen white duck eggs, a dozen Legbar blue eggs and a box of quail eggs. This was my shopping list for the cover shoot of the award winning cover of NFU Poultry Magazine. ​​


Back at the start of 2016, as part of my day job I redesigned a little magazine called NFU Poultry. One of my goals was to make a conscious effort to do more photography for the mag, I mean why not do more of what you love?!  


It’s put together by a team of two, just me and the editor, who throw some ideas around to come up with cover ideas. I personally have an easy way to decide if a concept could work, I ask myself two questions:

1. Is it simple?

2. Is it relevant?  


We take our time to think about, plan and carefully create these covers and I have been stunned and flattered over the last six months after being shortlisted for various awards for the mag. Winning cover of the year in December 2016 at the PPA Independent Publisher Awards was a massive achievement. Now it’s been shortlisted for one of the most prestigious awards at the big PPA Awards up against covers from some huge magazines including Cosmopolitan, Empire, Glamour and Wired. I’m hugely flattered to be rubbing shoulders with these heavyweights but I’m definitely not expecting to win this one so I’m just going to dust off my tuxedo and enjoy the awards dinner, I will still keep my fingers crossed though because you never know…

You can view the shortlisted covers here.

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Toby Lea

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